3D printer up and running!

Over the past few weeks I have been reconditioning an older powder based printer to continue the formula development studies I began at the University of Washington with Mark Ganter and Duane Storti.  This is a photo of the first test bars printed using the UW plaster V2 and their XB1 binder.  The only substitution is that I am using a 20 minute set moulding plaster.  Over the next couple of weeks I am planning to test a few different types of plasters, using the powdered sugar and Benifiber formula.  I am very interested in how a very dense plaster called hydrostone or denscal will print.  As the materials I have ordered come in, I will also continue testing the formula we developed while I was a visiting artist for the mechanical engineering department at UW last summer.  As some of you may have noticed, we developed an inexpesive formula that can be used to create molds for bronze and aluminum casting (we are hoping to jointly release this formula at the end of October).  So more is to come. . .

One hint to those of you reconditioning an older powder based printer, even though the lines flow freely when you first start printing does not mean they will stay that way.  The old binder fluid that had dried to the outside of the lines was loosened by the alcohol and water of the new binder and filled my outgoing lines with what resembled gummy worms.  That took a very long while to clean out.


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