Cementenous atARS Mathematica

This post was written by Mark Ganter and edited by Laura West.

Things have been VERY busy in the sculpture lab at FCC as well at the engineering lab at UW these last days, Laura West and Mark Ganter both recieved an invitation to present physical work and provide a lecture at ARS Mathematica.  On a whim, Laura decided to try a new powder that she was testing straight out of the bag.  Mark rapidly joined in this effort to test this series of materials and has been furiously experimenting as well (it is such an exciting revelation that Mark started printing the next morning).  We will post our results soon and the cementenous metal-casting formula will come this week.

Since we will be discussing our cementenous material at ARS Mathematica, it seemed like producing new work in this material would be appropriate to show off at this juncture.


MesoBio – D. Storti @ 2010

The work was designed by Duane Storti and is called MesoBio.  It is a combination of the calcaneous and talus bones and a surface which is equal distance between the two bones.


Moai Jonchets – M. Ganter @ 2010

The work was designed by Mark Ganter and is called Moai Jonchets.   Jonchet is a French variant of the game called “pick up sticks”.


Backstack VI – L. West @ 2010

This work was created by Laura West, and is part of her “Backstack” series of works.  Most of this series plays with layered back forms, as if they were fallen leaves nesting upon one another.

Please check out the other amazing pieces of art at ARS Mathematica.


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