“Additive Memories” solo exhibition of Laura West’s digital exploration of sculptural form

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In addition to the group exhibition Rapid Premonitions, at  ArtSpace Gallery, Fresno City College is hosting a solo exhibition titled Additive Memories of the work of sculptor Laura West .  This is a collection of the best work completed by Laura West in the last few years that incorporates digital technology and 3D printing.  A majority of the work was completed in the last year alone.  Much of the work is a culmination of Laura’s spring 2010 sabbatical research which was conducted at Arizona State University’s PRISM Lab and University of Washington’s Solheim Lab as well as FCC’s Applied Technology RP Lab (special thanks to Ron Cerkueira, Dan Collins and Mark Ganter)

This prolific body of work  demonstrates the speed and efficiency that a sculptor can effectively use additive manufacturing technology to realize ideas and develop forms.  The sculptural work also showcases the beauty of the materials available to sculptors using powder based 3D printers.  The piece titled “Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine” is a tribute to sculptor Fred Wilson and used a color 3D printer to texture map photos into the surface of the figures.  “Falling Back Through Time” demonstrates the translucent nature of some of the materials.  “Conception of Hope” and “Eve’s Awakening” both explore the differences created by a change in scale.

Additive Memories runs along side the exhibit Rapid Premonitions (which reads much like a who’s who in rapid prototyping – both for artists and engineers).  It can be seen through December 9th 2010, with a reception on Thursday, December 2nd from 5-7pm in the ArtSpace Gallery at Fresno City College in California.

The copyright of all images displayed remains solely the artists.


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